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The world's first decentralized CRE leasing platform powered by Al.
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What is AgentMile?

AgentMile is the world's first decentralized commercial real estate leasing platform powered by AI. We enable brokers and landlords to list their commercial properties on our blockchain powered MLS and offer enhanced leasing capabilities, management and reporting.

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AgentMile's adoption will allow CRE brokerages to address the following challenges:

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Transform the property search process into an easy, quick and transparent experience;

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Accelerate due diligence and simplify property and cash flow management;


Help build connected real estate markets worldwide that would respond effectively to consumer and investor demand.


Our Customers

Since 2015, AgentDrive has been servicing both independent brokers and global franchises.

This allowed us to gain unique insights and a behind-the-scenes look into the requirements of different business models in the real estate industry. Our customers include global real estate franchise networks such as Coldwell Banker and Century 21 as well as smaller Independent firms.

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Current problems faced by
the CRE industry

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Antiquated and disparate technology

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Inaccurate and unverified listing data

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Time-consuming due diligence

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Full property history not available

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Poor cash flow management

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Industry data kept behind closed doors

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Lack of real-time data for decision making

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Static property visualization

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Difficulty in Investing overseas


How AgentMile can help

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Real estate CRM and marketing automation

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Smart property search

Upfront due diligence

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Full property history at a glance

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Smart Contracts

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Digital identities of people and properties

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Easy and secure data sharing

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AI for decision making

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Why Choose Us


Commercial Real Estate Vs
Residential as an investment choice

Commercial Real Estate Vs

The real estate blockchain startup scene is exploding and a large number of these startups are designed with residential real estate in mind. However, high investor demand – both institutional and private – centers upon commercial real estate, making it an extremely interesting and lucrative field for blockchain startups. This is why AgentMile considers that stepping into this niche gap is a great opportunity.

It is generally acknowledged that investing in CRE has a number of benefits over its residential counterpart:

 Time before we start

Dashboard showcase

AgentMile is on track to implement a new interface for its software together with broker and tenant apps. Our goal is to provide a feature-rich, yet easy-to-use functionality.

Blockchain is the backbone of our project utilizing the benefits of distributed technology such as transparency and security. Fast and efficient CRE property search and rental payments will rely on AgentGrow, our front-end solution. AgentDrive, being the heart of the project, will combine data driven decisions with a real estate CRM system.


Token Sale

The AgentMile 'ESTATE' token is an EIP-20 standard-based Ethereum token.

  • Token Name: AgentMile ESTATE Token
  • Soft/Hard Cap: US $1m (existing business) /$20m
  • Token Sale Amount: 100,000,000 ESTATE Tokens
  • Public pre-sale: September 15th to October 15th
  • Pre-sale Bonus: 40%
  • Ticker Name: ESTATE
  • Token Price: 1 Token = US $0.20
  • Min Token Purchase: $0.20
  • Token Sale: October 15th to November 19th
  • Token Sale Bonus: 30% to 3%

Bounty Campaign

The AgentMile bounty program rewards community members who help us spread the word about our platform and the opportunities it has to offer.


Token Distribution

 Time before we start
  • 71% – Token sale participants
  • 12% – Bounty and Advisers
  • 10% – Reserve Fund
  • 7% – Team
 Time before we start
  • 45% – Research & Development
  • 25.8% – Sales & Marketing
  • 14.4% – Admin & Operations
  • 8% – Partnerships & Acquisitions
  • 4% – Contingency
  • 2.8% – Legal

Smart Contract


Documents & Papers

Directory Whitepaper
White Paper
Directory Whitepaper
Directory Whitepaper
Lite Paper
Directory Whitepaper
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Directory Whitepaper
Token Sale Terms


Current Stage

Token Sale

Q4 2015 Q3 2016 Q4 2017 Q1 2018 Q3 2018 Q2 2019
Launch of
franchise brands
Launch of
Launch of
Blockchain &
Smart Contracts
Q2 2019 Q3 2019 Q3 2019 Q4 2019 Q2 2020 Q3 2020
Online booking
and payments
Advertising &
marketing automation
Agent & User
mobile apps
Open API &
International expansion
Industry data &
AI algorithms
Utility bill
payments & reconciliation

Our Team

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Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine
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Ángel Luis Quesada Nieto
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Konstantin Boyko
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Ira Chopovska
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Johnny Lee
Avatar user picture
Montgomery Hayton
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Chris Sargent
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Ronald Kozielecki
Avatar user picture
Wilai Wongsutho



ICO Advisers


ICO Advisers


Blockchain Advisers


Blockchain Advisers


Technology Advisers


Advisers & Investors

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Ronny Boesing
Co-Owner and Founder at OpenLedger ApS Denmark
Avatar user picture
Soheil Mirpour
Senior Vice President-Investments at Rocket Internet SE
Avatar user picture
Herb Kim
Board Director at Tech City UK
Avatar user picture
Mark Ryan
Product Manager at Intercom.com
Avatar user picture
David Dennison
VP, Business Development at Century 21 Thailand
Avatar user picture
Nigel Salmon
Managing Director at Girasol Homes Spain and Portugal
Avatar user picture
Manuel Detogni
Managing Director at Coldwell Banker London West Central
Avatar user picture
Andres Riggioni
Idea catalyst & entrepreneurial marketer
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Alexandre Orfevre

Frequently Asked

  • What is AgentMile?

    AgentMile is the first decentralized CRE leasing platform powered by AI. The platform aims to improve the property search process, accelerate due diligence and facilitate property and cash flow management using blockchain technology.

  • In what jurisdiction is your business located?

    AgentMile OÜ - Narva mnt 5, Kesklinna linnaosa, 10117 Tallinn, Estonia. We serve customers in over 20 Countries across 5 Continents.

  • How is AgentMile going to generate revenue?

    Revenue will be generated by the purchase of services on our next generation CRE leasing platform. More details can be found in our White Paper.

  • Who is behind AgentMile?

    AgentMile is on track to revolutionize the commercial real estate industry. To achieve this goal, we’re building a suite of products designed for real estate professionals. In 2015, we released AgentDrive, our award-winning real estate CRM and marketing platform. AgentDrive is now used by over 1,000 real estate professionals in 20 countries helping them manage and market over 100,000 properties. Following our success with AgentDrive, we launched AgentGrow in 2018. AgentGrow is a real estate website builder which helps agents and brokers build beautiful and compelling lead-generating websites and landing pages. With both products, agents are finally able to perform essential sales and marketing activities under one umbrella in a seamless and effective manner.

  • When is the AgentMile Token Sale?

    Public pre-sale: September 15th to October 15th Token Sale: October 15th to November 19th

  • How can I buy ESTATE Tokens?

    In order to buy AgentMile ESTATE tokens, you will need to register on our book building platform and complete a payment.

  • In what currencies do you accept payments?

    We accept purchases via Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and FIAT via bank/wire transfer. Additional cryptocurrencies can also be added upon request

  • Do you offer any bonuses?

    Yes, we offer a 40% bonus during our pre-sale and then a 30% bonus, going down to 3%, during our main token sale.

  • On which social platforms can I follow AgentMile?

    You can follow us on: Medium, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, BitcoinTalk, Github and Reddit.

  • What is the best way to contact a developer from the team?

    The best way to come into direct contact with a member of our development team is to either send us an email or write to us in our Telegram Channel.

  • Do you provide an email Newsletter?

    Yes, we have an email newsletter which we send out weekly to our community. You can sign up directly to our Newsletter.

  • Do you offer a Bounty and a Referral program?

    Yes, we offer a Bounty Program and a Referral Program , both of which allow you to earn ESTATE tokens for community driven initiatives.

Info Tours


Meet us in one of the global blockchain destinations to discuss exciting opportunities behind the AgentMile project:


Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas

May 20-23 2018


RECon is the world’s largest global gathering of retail real estate professionals. Join leading developers, owners, brokers, and retailers to conduct a year’s worth of business under one roof, in record time.

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