When a successful brokerage expands, the team faces both opportunities and challenges along the way. One of the most pressing questions is how to dedicate enough time for every branch and stay tuned on what’s going on everywhere. So wouldn’t it be great if you could manage everything from one central place, without switching between different tools to keep track of reporting, transactions and commissions? It’s way simpler than may appear at first sight. Here’s why only one CRM for real estate agents it’s an essentially easier way out. 

As your brokerage grows, you’d want to encompass new areas which usually means you have to enter different MLS markets. You may think: this is an amazing opportunity for me but I’ll need a new website and CRM to manage my new offices at those locations.

But different tools for every office mean more time to get used to them while the team could have dedicated those efforts to marketing and sales instead. And because different teams use different technology, accountability drops and you find yourself focusing more on one office and losing touch with others. Result? Fewer sales productivity and fewer closed deals.

Luckily, you really need just one real estate CRM system to manage all of your franchise offices under one umbrella.  Not sure how it’s going to work? Here are a few thoughts that may open a few interesting perspectives for you.

CRM for real estate agents: one system for multiple offices

1) Building a scalable network and enhancing your brand

When you expand to new markets, you probably aspire to build a stronger brand for your brokerage. Here, it’s a customer service you deliver that makes all the difference.

See, the homes you sell are about the same as your competition does, and the same probably goes for your pricing. But customer service is something completely different. It makes you a true differentiator and prompts people to seek your advice rather than anyone else’s. So a big question for you is how can you make sure that all of your branches consistently deliver excellent customer service and maintain your reputation?

When you use one CRM for real estate agents, it’s easier to generate new leads, manage end-to-end operations and organize documents. You can then automatically create franchise reporting, compare performance, reward top-producing offices and train teams in areas where they fall short.

All of this helps you ensure equally high standards of customer service no matter where your office is located. And that is a huge win for your brand image.

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2) Using the best technology available

The #1 thing agents look for when joining a brokerage is support. Training, marketing materials, sales scripts, and, most importantly, a simple, integrated to a system to manage all work.

When you empower your team with the best CRM for real estate agents, it translates to mutual success. Your agents can generate and follow up with more people, better focus on the niche and spend less time on paperwork and more time out in the field.

They also feel more flexible and confident. The real estate CRM system backs them up. It reminds them of any calls to be made, emails to be sent and viewings to be arranged. It helps them manage portal feeds, referrals, commissions and past clients. What does this mean for you? All the more reasons for agents to stay with you and abandon your competition.

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3) Running multiple websites on a single, integrated platform

It goes without saying that a real estate website is essential for a strong, professional digital presence. Running one real estate website can be stressful enough, but what does it feel to run multiple websites together?

Again, a CRM for real estate agents can make all the difference. Create as many websites as you need and run them via one central real estate CRM platform. It’s easy because everything is integrated. You can publish your listings onto your website at a moment’s notice right from your property database.

4) Creating a powerful online exposure for all your franchise offices

Promoting your properties on the world’s most popular property portals is an amazing opportunity to get more eyes on your business and more leads filling your sales pipeline.

Portal feeds are great for creating wider exposure but building them can be a tedious process. So you’d want to make it’s as quick as possible. Again, a good CRM for real estate agents will do the job. Let your teams build unlimited property portal feeds inside your real estate CRM and submit listings to any portal in the world.

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5) Exclusively owning your own property portal

If online exposure is so important, why not to create your own platform to help your teams get found online faster? It’s going to be a huge and fully branded marketing channel that your brokerage exclusively owns.

So you can help your agencies boost SEO rankings, power your brand online, stand out from the competition and do all of this within just one real estate CRM system, all in one go. An opportunity worth pursuing, right?

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Final thoughts

To succeed in real estate, you don’t have to use loads of different tools. A good CRM for real estate agents is much more than just an app to manage emails (although that is important too).

Empower your teams with a simple platform for running their day-to-day operations. Start using a strong, reliable system for capturing all of your sales and marketing data. A real estate CRM will connect the dots between all of your agencies into a single picture showing you the right direction to take next.

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