Today, real estate agents have ample opportunities to power their advertising campaigns with real-life data. With so much info at their disposal, it’s easier to launch campaigns that target the right people and ensure that your message gets read. The trick is to know how to uncover the most valuable and relevant info. Here are three free sources that capture excellent data that will come in handy when trying to expand your real estate advertising reach. 

Detail-rich reports, diverse data, invaluable insights – and all of this for free if you know where to look. Information like this can transform your real estate advertising campaigns and generate you more qualified leads. Let’s see which tools can deliver.

4 great data sources to power your real estate advertising reach

1. Google Consumer Barometer

Over the years, Google has created a set of free tools to help businesses of any sizes capitalize on real-life digital data. You’re probably already using Google Analytics, Search Console and AdWords to name a few.

Another free Google tool to bookmark is Google consumer barometer. In a nutshell, this tool “shows how people around the world use internet“. It offers a massive amount of info on people’s digital activities and preferences. Moreover, the data is broken down into numerous subsets. Additionally, filters can be applied.

Google consumer barometer

The three main categories of data in Google consumer barometer are:

  • the online & multiscreen world (e.g., device usage, internet user segmentation, etc.);
  • the smart shopper (e.g., research and purchase behavior, searching for local information, international purchases, etc.);
  • the smart viewer which offers loads of video-related data including frequency, location, number of co-viewers and about a few dozen other valuable metrics.

You can even download your data as charts and keep them for future reference. You can also dig even deeper using features like Trend Data, Audience Stories and Curated Insights.

2. StatCounter

We all know that mobile is gaining more and more traction but can you rely on that assumption when launching your next ad campaign? Consumer desktop and mobile behavior still trigger more questions than it gives answers.

Another great tool to get a better glimpse of your customers’ online behavior is StatCounter. You can view stats per regions of the world or narrow down your search to a specific country.


Some of the data StatCounter provides includes social media stats, browser market share, desktop vs. mobile vs. tablet, OS market share, etc. – all free.

3. Appier

Appier specifically targets mobile data. So if most of your audience prefers using mobile devices, this source is irreplaceable for you. All data is arranged in simple charts and figures and it takes minutes to understand how you can improve your real estate advertising reach.

For example, this is how a conversion path looks like for users from Australia and Asian countries according to Appier:


Source: The APAC 1H 2016 Cross Screen User Behaviour Report

It’s interesting that a smartphone is the top converting device for customers in the above countries: 45% use phones for making purchases and this figure is even higher if you add tablets.

All in all, check out these great insights from Appier to advertise better.

What’s next?

Lots of actionable real-time data and less guesswork – all free and helpful for every agent planning to advertise online. Don’t launch your next real estate advertising campaign without checking out these tools first!

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