If you had any doubts real estate video marketing really works, Google has just released some very interesting YouTube stats. As you can imagine, people increasingly rely on videos to learn new information, relax and make their purchasing choices. 

The insights below tick another option in favor of embracing real estate video marketing. Plus, they will make you review your online advertising strategy to garner better results – perhaps video ads will be more effective.

Real estate video marketing stats showing the value of YouTube

1. Amazing video reach

We used to think that videos are only viewed at a glance and on the go. But the following statistics shouldn’t really come as a surprise given how much time customers spent on apps:

rea; estate video marketing for real estate

In addition, as you don’t want your videos or ads to land on deaf ears, YouTube is surely a platform to start using:

video marketing

2. Customers look for product-specific information

When customers watch your videos, they make them part of their decision-making process. In a visual industry like real estate, this is extremely important and empowering for agents. A 2-minute long video can generate you qualified leads quickly, especially if you promote it well (more on the mechanics of that below).

customers make decisions based on videos

3. More attention and engagement

We all know how hard it can be to capture people’s attention in a digital world. Video is exactly one of those content formats that evokes more curiosity and compels people to watch most or all of the video.

For example, you know people are serious about your stuff, when they switch to horizontal viewing. This is a sign of interest which signals that viewers will spend more time watching the video:

agent video marketing

How to advance your real estate video marketing efforts

All of this triggers an essential question: how can agents ensure that their videos get in front of their audience and produce the results they’re hoping for?

Here’s a checklist of the most effective things to do to promote your YouTube videos (you can find more info on each of the points from below in this real estate video post).

9 ways to promote your YouTube channel

1. Optimize your real estate videos for SEO.

2. Write eye-catching titles.

3. Create an attention-grabbing YouTube thumbnail.

4. Add YouTube videos to your blog.

5. Add end cards.

6. Promote real estate YouTube videos on other social media.

7. Send an email with your new video.

8. Build playlists.

9. Run YouTube ads.

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