Websites are described as online locations or a collection of web sources, multimedia content, and information all in one server and identified with a common domain. Today, websites have already started becoming more essential than ever. Listed in this article are ways on how to build a user-friendly real estate website.

In today’s marketing age, having a website has become one of the most potent tools and assets ever. Websites help in bringing businesses closer to customers and vice versa. When you make a website of your own, you are making an impression that your company is keeping up with the latest digital trends.

However, while websites can help bring businesses closer to customers, it’s also equally important to establish a user-friendly website. Perhaps this is the most, over-stated word in the world of web design, but it’s actually the primary goal when designing a website.

A lot of companies nowadays tend to forget that user-friendly websites help you gain more visitors or traffic and customers. Most people find too many obstacles and popups on one particular web page. So to save time, these people move on to other websites where they can find what they’re looking for in an instant.

In the real estate industry, having a website is also crucial. Why? Because through your website, potential buyers can see data about your company, details, and photos of the properties you’re selling, and other important information they’re going to be needing in the process of a [possible] transaction.

Create Neat Layouts

One of the first few important things that you need to consider in designing a user-friendly website is your layout. Your layout basically determines how your whole website is going to look like. Creating neat layouts or designs where everything is in its right place will help you gain an audience or visitor because this is one of the things that most people look for in a website: neatness and clarity.

However, if you have little to zero knowledge about web design and web programming, you can always allot some of the company’s budget to hiring a professional web developer or designer, and lately, web design in the Philippines continues to grow and develop if you’re looking for a great cost alternative.

Speeding Up Your Page

Optimizing your page speed is equally important as creating a neat layout, and most web visitors look for sites that can load at lightning speed. According to some, they expect a website to load within 2-3 seconds. If not, they will most likely leave.

Your page speed matters a lot if you want your visitors to stay and have them come back to still [possibly] do business with you. If you value your income, then they value their time as well.

Besides your overall page speed, you must also consider how long it takes for images to load on your website. Your web visitors are on your page for a reason, and that reason must probably be to check the details and photos of the properties you’re selling. Always make sure that your images load within 2-3 seconds since these are one of the primary reasons why people opt to check your real estate properties online rather than physically going on-site.

If you want to check your page speed, there are some tools available for you to use like Page Speed Insights on Google and Pingdom, which can also give you tips on how you can increase your web page speed.

Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

Whether someone uses a mobile phone or a desktop computer, they should be able to navigate through your website effortlessly and hassle-free. Most people nowadays use their mobile phones in browsing on the Internet.

That’s why in designing your web page, you must also consider creating a mobile-friendly website wherein your visitors still get to experience and navigate your page on mobile accurately like how they can navigate through a desktop.

Make Your Headlines and Other Information Readable

This is very important. If you write your headlines in an unusual and unreadable font, no one would even bother continuing to read the whole thing. People do not visit your website for the design; they visit your website for its content and how they can possibly do business and transaction with you. Using outrageous fonts will not help you in gaining web page visitors and potential buyers.

Other than that, it’s also essential that you consider trimming down your paragraphs and sentences. Studies show that people scan or skim through websites instead of reading the whole thing. Only include relevant details like images, size, or measurement of the entire property, keywords, and price. There’s no need to add unnecessary information.

Include Your Contact Information and Social Media Handles

Your contact information is one of the most important things that you should not forget. Without your contact information on your website, you could be neglecting a lot of potential buyers who would want to do business with you. Most people do not have the time and patience in searching for your contact information and social media accounts, so they would rather find someone else who they can easily talk to.

The more contact information your website contains, the better. You can include your mobile number, telephone number, email address, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter. Through this, people will be able to contact you in ways which are most convenient for them.

Add a Search Bar

A search bar or search engine is very important. Through this, people can directly and accurately search for whatever it is they are looking for. Search bars help your visitors and potential buyers navigate their way through your website without having to click at each link.

Use Neat Color Schemes

Your website’s background, text, headline, and overall colors should complement one another. Choose colors that are pleasing to the eyes because most users find it hard reading through your website if colors are contrasting.

Also, neat and constant color schemes see to it that your branding is consistently done. This allows your visitors to remember and identify your company as unique and one that stands out from the rest.

Wrapping Up

In the present time, utilizing a website is one powerful marketing strategy. It serves as the company’s tool or asset. With these tips, you can surely set up a website in no time.

However, the real key in making a website user-friendly is constant improvement and innovation. The world is ever-changing. You need to be able to adapt to these changes and turn it into opportunities for growth and development.

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