Real estate photography is one of the most highly demanded skills on the market. There is always going to be a need to photograph houses, so agents are never going to stop looking for skilled photographers to make their listings come to life. Not only does the photographer have to take amazing shots, but they need to possess the right real estate photo editing skills to get the job done correctly. This blog post will show you some fantastic techniques that can be used to transform a great picture into a magical one.

Edits you Should Do:

  • Color correction
  • Image enhancement
  • Cropping
  • Vertical correction
  • Sky replacement
  • Object removal

Edits you Should Never Do:

  • Removal of permanent fixtures
  • Major background changes
  • Any changes that present the property unfairly

Real Estate Photo Editing Techniques

The trick is to touch up photos in a way that enhances them without actually creating a false advertisement. In short, removing an unwanted removable object is great, but if you were to remove a telephone pole or some other permanent fixture, then you are creating a false impression of the property. With that in mind, here are some of the best techniques for editing real estate photos.

Color Correction

Enhancing color is the foundation of all photo editing. It begins and ends with this skill, so it’s vital that you get this right. Start by retouching the photo so that the colors are more vibrant. This one technique can transform an image from bland into spectacular. Don’t forget that brightness is equally as important so when you’re touching up the color, adjust the light as well.

Photo before and after the image editing process. Fallen yellow autumn leaves on the bright green grass

Sky Removal

Fixing the sky is another essential real estate photo editing skill that you need to master. Sometimes the weather might not be ideal when the photos are taken so it will become your job to fix it. You can replace a cloudy sky with a sunny blue one. This will quickly add a ton of value to the photo. Just be sure that you don’t remove any background images since they are needed in the picture.

Fixing the Perspective

A hallmark of real estate photography is that there are several lines that never fully converge. The problem is the curvature of the lens or other items in the image can throw off these lines. Perspective editing fixes this issue by correcting the misalignment. It makes sure that those essential lines work in unison with the frame. When you fix this issue, you provide the viewer with the opportunity to focus on the point of interest.

Color Cast Removal

The way that certain colors are cast onto objects in a scene can have a significant impact on the quality of the photo. For instance, a fluorescent light produces a blue tint, so this would need to be cleaned up. Using this real estate photo editing technique will help remove this color cast by transforming it back to its original color.

Noise Reduction

Noise is a photography term that is used to describe random grains that distort image clarity. This usually occurs in a low light setting and can quickly transform a great photo into one that is unappealing. Fortunately, we can use noise reduction tools in photo editing software to tone down this noise, returning the picture to its former glory.

Removing Random Objects

Real estate photos are likely going to have objects in them that you will need to remove. For instance, a truck parked in the driveway might be blocking the design of the garage door. Or a lawnmower might be in the yard. These types of things distract the eyes from the central focus so they should be removed. Once the object is removed, the photo is then touched up to fix the spot where the item was extracted.

Photo Manipulation

Finally, manipulation of photos is the process of modifying them in a way so that their features are improved. The goal is to create a better image. This is usually a setting in photo editing software, and it should be the final step you take during the editing process.

Why Do Real Estate Professionals Require Image Enhancement?

Hand and camera take Thai house photography outdoor

· It improves its brand credibility. If images that are listed on a real estate agent’s website or Facebook page are low quality, then the brand will instantly lose credibility. This will repel potential buyers and sellers.

· Photos are proven to increase sales 32% faster. Real estate photo editing services are in high demand due to this one statistic.

· High-quality photos boost social media presence. Real estate professionals depend on their credibility and word of mouth to survive. A social media presence will either make or break a business.

Real estate photo editing services make a business more productive. Visual media plays the most crucial role, but it is also quite time-consuming. When a real estate professional lets professionals take on this vital task, they are free to perform other essential business operations.

Why Use Professional Real Estate Photography Services?

· Gain access to valuable skills and advanced knowledge. Professionals have access to the latest technology and possess the skills to transform photos into masterpieces.

· It saves time. Instead of spending hours sitting in front of a computer editing photos, you can get out in the field and find new properties to grow your portfolio.

· Get the highest quality photos. Professional real estate photo editing teams possess the skills to provide much higher quality images than you could ever hope to achieve in house.

· It saves money in the long-term. Even though editing is an expense in itself, the fact that it will boost your sales and improve your reputation will lead to higher profits.

Final Thoughts

As a real estate professional, you’ll be spending a lot of time in the field dealing with clients to make sales. So, it’s highly recommended that you have a professional photo editor to touch up your photos.

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