Virtual phone numbers are the latest buzz in the telecommunication world. And rightly so, for all the benefits it holds over traditional phone systems. The concept may sound complicated and new to individuals who are novices to the idea. But, it is quite simple. For its cost-effectiveness and numerous benefits, the deployment of this technology is increasing. Real estate businesses are leveraging their benefits every day.

When it comes to a real estate business, having a dedicated virtual phone number can have long-lasting positive effects and revenues too!

Virtual Phone Numbers—how do they work?

A virtual phone number is indifferent from a traditional phone number when it comes to making a call. But, the real difference is in the process of forwarding the call to a receiver. The underlying technology used here is a cloud computing framework. 

You can implement a Virtual Number using two methods:

Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS)

Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) is also known as Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). It is a very old technology that makes the calling process very expensive.

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

On the contrary, VOIP is the newest technology to hit the market. In this technology, the agent is given a number by the internet service provider. This number depends on the location. Every time a person calls to that number, it gets connected to the IP address of the agent’s phone. As per the facts and figures, the global VOIP market will grow by 28 percent by the year 2020.

Benefits of using a virtual phone number in Real Estate

1. Leaves a professional image

One of the primary advantages of using a virtual phone number is it leaves a professional image of the business. In the era of cut-throat competition, imposing a good first impression can go a long way in lasting impressions. From customized greetings to automated self-service menus, there are a number of features that can literally woo the customer.

2. Offers Easy Accessibility

Any business needs to be easily accessible to its customers and clients. And, the same holds true for real estate as well. Real estate agents need to be readily available to their clients who can be prospective buyers or potential sellers.

In cases where agents are unavailable or busy, business phone numbers help in the form of voicemail. Such features allow agents to call back their clients at a convenient hour and never miss any action, whatsoever.

3. Helps to maintain Privacy

The term business phone call is self-explanatory. It gives a clear indication that the number is for business purposes only, and there is nothing personal about it. Using a virtual phone number allows real estate agents to maintain their privacy. They do not have to share their personal phone numbers with their clients.

4. Is a cost-effective option

The benefits of using virtual phone numbers do not just end at the physical level. It extends to the financial level as well. It is a cost-effective method of enhancing communication while reducing the unnecessary expenses that are related to the call rates.

With an initiative to promote their business, a number of vendors offer some irresistible pricing plans. This frees the agents or broker to choose a plan that suits their purpose and fits their budget. 

Also, since such plans are scalable, business organizations can buy additional modules to satisfy the ever-increasing needs of their organization.

5. It streamlines business operations

Any business with streamlined operations will have higher profits and better revenues in the long run. This practice improves the operational efficiency of the organization at the same time. Several features in business phone numbers like call queuing, planner, calendar, etc. help a business to prioritize its tasks. There are other advantages too. With dedicated business numbers, agents can block any unwanted numbers. Moreover, they can also prioritize their list of loyal clients in every business deal.

So, irrespective of where your real estate business is, an investment in a virtual phone number is a wise decision. It will generate long-term revenues and eliminate unnecessary costs on communication.


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