Leaving properties empty is sometimes a necessity. It may be the premises of a closed down business or perhaps a property owner simply cannot find tenants or a buyer, or it’s just not practical to have anyone in the property.

Whatever the reason, you could be leaving the empty property vulnerable to break-ins and at risk of other security problems. It can also mean you’re paying more or even invalidating your insurance because your property is vacant and unprotected because vacant property requires specialist insurance known as Unoccupied Property Compliance Insurance. If you want to protect your vacant properties, the following security solutions may be necessary:

1. Security Doors

Securing the entrances is essential to protect vacant property as the doors are typically an easy point of entry for intruders. By installing security doors designed specifically for vacant properties, you can actively keep the wrong people out whilst making it easy for approved/designated people to gain access when they need it. However, not all security doors are made equal, so be careful how you choose.

Steel security doors for vacant property should be designed specifically to provide resistance to high-impact assault and stand up to attempts at break-ins and intrusion. This should include high resistance to cutting through or physical breach; a multi-point locking mechanism and cut-proof hinges. Keyless doors provide the added benefits of protection from lost or mis-located keys, plus digital keypad entry via unique codes. Key-operated doors require some form of keyholding service provided by the property owner or security company and generally provide a lower level of extreme physical security but are nonetheless a competent and effective security measure.

2. Security Screens

Security screens can be used to protect vacant properties by covering windows. A steel screen is used to cover the whole window and its frame on the outside of the property and is secured to an internal steel frame using tamper-proof bolts. The panels are prefabricated from high-quality, zinc-coated, perforated steel, which creates a rigid box shape. The steel frame allows them to be fitted without causing damage to the window frame.

Steel security screens provide a superior option to wooden boards for property owners who want to keep their properties safe. While wooden boards may cost less, they can also be removed much more easily. There is also a higher risk of arson, as wooden boards can be burned more easily.

3. Vacant Property Alarms

Alarms can be installed in your empty property to discourage vandals and trespassers. Different types of alarm can be used to protect vacant properties, including temporary alarms and video alarm systems. Vacant property alarms such as the Clearway Solo Alarm is designed for temporary use, and is installed internally, with no need for mains power or a telephone line. As a stand-alone alarm system that requires no wires it communicates through the mobile network and can be fitted quickly. 

A video verified alarm is also a battery-powered device that captures a short video clip as soon as motion is detected, immediately sending it to the owner or a monitoring service in order to determine the appropriate action to be taken. 

A temporary alarm system is a great deterrent and will give you peace of mind that your property has an extra layer of protection should there be a breach. 

4. Temporary CCTV

Temporary CCTV solutions can be used to keep an eye on vacant properties and act as a visual deterrent. CCTV solutions can help to solve remote video access issues and be installed and operated independently of the on-site power. Live video streams can be sent to a remote user to meaning you won’t need to be on-site to keep an eye on your property. Installing temporary CCTV acts as a deterrent to vandalism and break-ins, helping to solve a range of challenges for protecting empty properties and sites.

5. Concrete Barrier Blocks

Concrete barrier blocks are ideal for properties with large driveways or car parks (generally commercial properties that have closed down). Concrete blocks are an excellent solution for preventing unauthorised access outdoors and can be rented relatively inexpensively. They are often used to prevent ram-raiders and even terrorist attacks, and are useful to protect key buildings and public areas. They can be used to prevent access by fly-tippers or anyone else you don’t want on the site. 

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