Creating a sense of community – whether in a workspace or residential setting – is indispensable to establish tenant loyalty in any building. When that happens, owners can increase rent, margins and improve the monetization of their spaces.

However, this task requires managers to create personalized experiences, enhance quality of life, and add an efficient channel for communication with customers.

 This is where tenant engagement platforms thrive; different technologies come together to provide better customer service – and increased profits. We’ve listed the top 10 tenant engagement platforms below.


Bengie brings innovation in the form of tenant self-service. Instead of customers downloading apps or filling out forms, like most platforms, property managers and tenants can communicate quickly through text messaging. They offer a more intuitive software compared to others in the same category.


Comfy is better suited for offices and workplaces, rather than residential buildings. They focus on high employee engagement by providing insights on how spaces are used, as well as what amenities and services staff enjoys the most. 


hOM works with property management teams to provide on-site fitness solutions. Their technology allows owners to create a better environment for their customers, improving relationships, and attracting qualified tenants.

Better Spaces

Instead of providing a specific service like hOM, Better Spaces focuses mainly on gathering data about what tenants actually want and enjoy. They provide a more tailored solution than other competitors, as a result of their in-depth reports on what can help a specific building attract more tenants.

Rise Buildings

Rise building performs daily tasks that property managers would have to do, like most applications on this list. However, it stands out due to their unique “Concierge” feature, that compiles different services nearby, such as laundry, cleaning, dog-walking, etc. Their main proposition is to create partnerships with these services to offer better deals and also generate another stream of revenue.


VTS has a single panel where management teams can get to know their tenants and improve engagement. Staff can work on a board to visualize important information, and collaborate to create the best possible customer experience. VTS also helps owners close deals faster, offering real-time updates on prospects, so they don’t miss any business opportunity.

The Hive

From the same developers as Bengie, The Hive’s most significant highlight is their intuitive software. Tenants can make requests, authorize visitors, and reserve resources from their phones in a few minutes – all staff has to do is approve it, which creates a smoother experience for both customers and managers.


Sharry offers a mobile app for centralized communication, amenity booking, and nearby services for tenants. They stand out due to their “showcase” feature, which allows owners to raise brand awareness and better present their business, services, etc. 


Lane provides essential tools for tenant engagement, but they have an advantage over competitors due to their streamlined, automated way of working. Every activity is visible for staff at all times, thanks to an app that allows everyone in the building to access important information in a simplified way.


Tenex differs from other platforms by offering an app that can be entirely personalized by management teams. They can customize the platform according to their own business needs, as well as get vital analytics to help make buildings more profitable.


Tenant engagement platforms come in a wide variety of flavour, services, and price points. Before implementing a solution discuss with your tenants what they would like most, do your research and implement something that will bring a value add to your tenants. 

This article was written by who specialises in internal parcel tracking, mailroom automation, and parcel management in residential and commercial buildings. 

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