The title of “Top Realtor in Calgary” does not come easily. It requires determination, skill and the right expertise. Climbing the ladder of other qualified realtors and real estate professionals is not an easy task by any means. Still, there are some applicants that show a unique level of promise.

What separates the good from the great, and how can homebuyers and home sellers tell the difference? What should one expect from the best real estate service in Calgary? When is the best time to contact a professional realtor during the homebuying process? These questions and many more are answered below, as we dive into what it takes to become the top realtor in Calgary.

What Separates the Good from the Great?

The most important question deserves to be answered first, just as you deserve the best service available. So, what does it take to find a great realtor? Though it might sound a bit unconventional, awards are actually a great way to judge the ability of a realtor.

Take JD Real Estate, for example. They were recently placed number one for real estate agents in Calgary by This award serves two critical functions. First, it acts as a beacon for those looking to achieve their wildest real estate dreams. Second, it helps those who are undecided find great suggestions for high-quality service.

Furthermore, working with experts in the field can provide many realtors with a significant advantage in the race to the top of the real estate market. For example, large brokerages like Century 21 can provide a valuable hunting ground for realtors to cut their teeth, so to speak. For our realtor of choice, they were part of the top 5 real estate team when they were there.

Additionally, connections will play a huge role in determining who ultimately rises to the top. Now, there is one way to look at this, which is previous and returning clients—the more people who like your services and say good things about it, the better. However, establishing good connections also requires dealing with lawyers, home inspectors, renovation companies, exteriors contractors, mortgage brokers and more.

All of these professionals can deliver a higher quality of real estate service. Getting a great deal on move-out costs or complicated litigation can make a world of difference. Not just to the wallet, but the stress levels as well. When you want to separate the good from the great, start with the people who appear to get along well with others.

How Can Buyers and Sellers Tell the Difference?

If you are looking to buy a home or sell your current dwelling, the best real estate agents will be there to help. Though awards are a great way to demonstrate the credibility and capabilities of professionals within the housing market, they are only one tool at our disposal.

It often takes a variety of methods to determine the best fit for your needs. It might mean looking a bit deeper at the services on offer from a particular individual, or doing a bit of extra research on their capabilities in delivering the best real estate information and service. Here are a few other methods that can also help you pinpoint the right professional for your needs:

  • Realtor license
  • Several years of experience
  • Dedication to your wants and needs
  • Competitive prices that accurately reflect current market value
  • Persistent operating hours because realty never sleeps
  • Investment property knowledge
  • Complimentary services (market analysis, etc.)
  • Reliability

These several virtues are powerful tools that can help you make an appropriate judgement on your chosen professional. Below, we will dig into what you should expect from a great realtor. Some of the answers may surprise you, but just remember that the above can act as a shortlist of what you can hope to expect from the very best real estate agents.

What Should You Expect from a Great Realtor?

First, we established what separates good and great realtors. Then, we looked at ways to differentiate between these two service providers for you to try yourself. Now, we look at what it takes to be a great realtor.

One of the first steps in reaching the lofty heights of the best realtors is an understanding of the local market. Although being a realtor comes with the advantages of continuing education and in-depth knowledge of how housing markets work, there is simply no replacement for experience and familiarity.

To that end, being a great realtor includes knowing about the municipality where sales occur. This may sound excessive, but take a moment to consider it critically. Would you trust someone to tell you the safest neighbourhoods of a city they don’t live in? What about the best places for nightlife in Calgary?

Indeed, familiarity and intimate knowledge of the city is key to making a great real estate agent. Though, we should not overlook the importance of experience either. Just because somebody grew up in our great prairie city does not mean they have the right experience to sell homes here.

As a direct contrast to familiarity with the city, experience as a capable real estate agent can also be critical to establishing yourself as one of the best. The housing market in Canada is constantly changing, but it is changing in many consistent variables. Understanding these variables can make a big difference when offering advice about investment properties, first-time home purchases and more.

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When is the Best Time to Contact Your Favourite Real Estate Professional?

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable professional to help you sell your home, you probably already have an idea about the best time to contact them, as it will reflect your own personal timeline. Similarly, if you are looking to buy a home, contacting a professional will occur when the timing is right for your finances and current living situation.

So, why did we include a section on the best time to contact your favourite real estate professional? Well, again, there is a dual-purpose to this approach.

The first purpose is to assist investors. When using realty as a way to establish long-term investments that can accrue value over the course of time, picking the right time is critical. Watching a desirable property for the moment the price drops is both enthralling and necessary. As a result, there is actually a “best” time for working with your chosen real estate agent.

You guessed it; the best time is now. Once you establish a relationship with a real estate agent, you can immediately begin reaping the benefits. New deals, changes to regulations and other benefits will begin to happen as you have your own link to the inside world of realty.

But what about the second purpose for this section, you ask? Well, this focuses on one key word in our statement, namely “favourite.” When somebody is your favourite service provider, do you have to ask when to contact them? No! You simply give them a call, see how they are doing and ask your question in a calm and friendly manner.

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