Hallelujah, spring is on its way out and summer is right around the corner! It’s almost time to break out the barbecue, the floaties, and the suntan lotion. Before you start calling your friends to plan the first big barbecue of the season, take a look at your backyard. Is it ready for entertaining? 

When you look around the yard, do you get the feeling that it could be… better? Yeah, your grass may be green and lush, but is that all that it’s got going for it? If you’re embarrassed by your yard, consider making these backyard upgrades – especially if you’re thinking about selling anytime soon.

If you’re unsure of where to start, we’ve gathered some insights from top agents that’ll help you determine what projects are popular among homeowners and in-demand by buyers.

In-ground swimming pools

It’s true that above-ground pools are still a nice addition to the backyard, but when it comes to being a showstopping feature, the in-ground pool can’t be beat. They are the epitome of summer fun and when buyers read the description of the house and see that your home has one, it’ll definitely pique their interest. 

Advanced lighting arrangements

In most cases, lighting in the backyard consists of a solitary light by the back door. However, homeowners and buyers alike aren’t satisfied with the meager offerings the single light offers. To them, if they are going to be spending a lot of time in the backyard, they want ambiance. A way to achieve that ambiance is to improve the lighting by adding pathway lights, flood lights to highlight features in the yard, and even recessed lighting where they can. 

Creating a built-in grill area

We all have a grill, be it a hand-me-down charcoal thing or one of those behemoth gas grills that has a lot of grilling space but very little prepping area. It’s time to ditch those cumbersome and outdated grills and step up your grilling game by building a built-in grill. A built-in grill turns your grilling area into a sleek space where delicious meals are made and you’ll look good while doing it! Here are a bunch of great ideas on how to incorporate a built-in grill in your backyard.

Cozy outdoor living area

You might have a few lounge chairs set up by the pool. You might even have a patio set near the grill. Yes, these seating areas are nice and serve their purpose, they just aren’t enough. Buyers are looking for a space where they can get comfortable, have a few drinks and a good conversation. They’re looking for an outdoor area where they can set up nice patio furniture with comfortable cushions and accessories that makes the space feel like an extension of the home’s interior. We aren’t just talking about a covered porch… Oh no no! We’re talking about a space with a fireplace, ceiling lighting, outdoor carpeting and plants. 

To get ideas for an outdoor living space that works for your home, check out these great options

Space for yard games

No backyard is complete without space to play games in. It doesn’t matter if you want to practice your putting, if you love to play catch with the kids, or if you want to do yoga on the lawn… Every backyard needs ample space to have fun in. Now how you carve out that space depends on what you intend to do with it. If you want your house to appeal to the largest set of buyers, you can just stick to something simple like luscious green grass. 

One of the things people struggle with when they’re trying to get their houses sold quickly is appealing to a large buyer pool. However, these backyard improvements are a great place to start and if you want to go even further and work on the interior of the home, you can ask your real estate agent or help. 

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