Back in the day, buyers would rely on estate agents or builders for property information and decide without any visual representation of a property. Even if the real estate floor plan for the property were ready, it was expensive and difficult to procure. Thankfully, with the advent of technology, floor plans are easily available and shareable among estate agents, buyers, and sellers. What’s more, floor plans can now be created in 3D to give a realistic picture of the property and allow buyers to make an informed decision.

According to Zillow, the floor plan is one of the essential features of a property listing. They help capture potential leads. Even most buyers say that they are more likely to consider a property if the floor plan is available. Online Real estate portals report that property listings with a floor plan have a 52% higher click-through rate.

6 Ways in Which a Floor Plan Boosts Real Estate Marketing

  • Helps in Selling Difficult Properties

Finding a buyer for properties with an undesirable location, shabby surroundings, or outdated building design may be challenging. However, adding a floor plan to the listing can significantly improve the prospect of such properties. It can help to show prospective buyers that the building is in good condition, made with thoughtful planning, and has abundant space.

  • Rich Visual Content

Floor plans help make online marketing in real estate even more effective. Using CAD technology, it is now possible to create 3D floor plans that offer an advanced visual representation of the property. Clients can look at the whole property at once, including interior design, d├ęcor, and realistic demonstration of dimensions with a scale of other objects.

  • Attract the Attention of Potential Customers

Floor plans in 2D or 3D are a great addition to your real estate marketing materials. Whether you are using print materials or marketing online, including a floor plan in your property listing is helpful. Floor plans provide detailed information about the property and make the listing visually appealing to potential buyers.

  • Gives an Overview of the Flow of the House

Floor plans help potential buyers in getting a feel of the living space and aesthetics of the property. It plays an important role when the buyer has a specific requirement in mind and needs to assess the property accordingly. Floor plans give the buyers an authentic understanding of the layout of the building.

  • Enhance Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising is done to find leads that have higher chances of converting to buyers. Using a floor plan to advertise your property helps filter out the uninterested potential clients or those who are simply browsing without the intention to buy. Those who examine the floor plan and go through all the property details before contacting you are bound to be serious buyers considering your property.

  • Boost the Effectiveness of Marketing Materials

Floor plans fall under the category of visual marketing content. They are an engaging aspect of your property listing and help potential buyers ascertain the property’s suitability. For example, suppose a ballerina wants to purchase an apartment with enough space to create a small dance studio at home. In that case, she is more likely to be interested in property listings with floor plans that accurately describe the dimensions of the hall.

Floor plans provide a comprehensive picture of the property you are trying to sell and are therefore indispensable to your listing. High-quality 3D floor plans work like click-bait and attract the right buyers to your property listing on social media and real estate portals. Companies like Styldod will help you create an attractive 3D floor plan to find the right buyer for your property.

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