Do you wish to enjoy the fresh air of the lake while experiencing the peace and serenity that comes with the mountains? If so, you might find that there are plenty of places that offer this amazing combination.

But only one stands out above the rest.

Located in Invermere, and nestled between the Purcell Range and Lake Windermere, with the majesty of the Rocky Mountains in the background, lies Pineridge Mountain: a unique and beautiful resort community that offers you the opportunity to “live where others vacation”.

So, why should you choose this amazing location over others? Why buy one of their homes for sale in Invermere?

We have several benefits to convince you…

1) Location, Location, Location

The old saying of “location, location and location” rings true in Pineridge Mountain. With the lake in front of you and the mountains behind, plus all the excitement that comes with living in Invermere, you’ll have access to the wonders of nature alongside the joy of country town living.

You’ll be able to embrace both natural and man-made activities, all available right outside your front door. On top of that, it’s only 90 minutes from the Banff, Lake Louise and Canmore National Parks. You couldn’t ask for anywhere better.

2) The Wide Array of Joyous Amenities

Invermere is known for being the “Playground of the West”, and for a good reason: it offers you a wealth of amazing amenities for you and your family.

You can experience the fun of boating and water skiing on the warm waters of Lake Windermere or take up the challenge of world-class skiing and cross-country trails. There are also two natural hot springs, including the popular Radium Springs, nine leading golf courses and the freedom of hunting, fishing and dirt biking around the area. You’ll also dine at over 30 fine establishments, pubs, wineries and old-fashioned restaurants.

And that’s only what’s on offer in Invermere.

At Pineridge Mountain itself, there is the legendary “playground”, with the likes of volleyball, pickle-ball courts, 3–hole children’s golf course and a Children’s Zip Line. Then there will be exciting future amenities, including a REJUV health centre, which will feature exercise classes and training equipment, and an Apple–a–Day BISTRO.

3) The Peace & Serenity

Between the lake and the mountains, you’ll also find something else: your peace of mind. Few places offer their residents such as state of relaxation and promise. This location delivers on both.

You’ll find yourself in a state of total freedom, surrounded by peace and serenity. Your body-mind-spirit will significantly improve as you’re surrounded by the calmness of nature with the sprinkle of social interactions that gives you that extra push. Invermere also has a fantastic hospital and available doctors ready to help, if God forbid, anything were to arise.

Pineridge Mountain offers the best escape from the city that your whole family can thrive on.

4) Choose Your Own Home 

Why be restricted to one type of home or size when you have the opportunity for so much more?

Each Cottage Home, Vista Chalet or Mountain Villa designed in Pineridge Mountain has been created with the single goal of preserving nature while adding your own unique living styles.

Enjoy the likes of designer kitchens, master bedrooms, luxurious master baths with large showers, craftsman exteriors with a natural blend of stone, state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems – and so much more!

5) The Developer

For over four decades, The Statesman Group has been developing award-winning new communities throughout Canada and the United States. Their motto of “What a Beautiful Way to Live” is defined in their luxury designs, commitment to quality, authenticity and peaceful living. It’s why they’re recognized as the best in the industry.

And they’re the developers behind the beauty of Pineridge Mountain.

That gives you a certain level of comfort that the people behind the creation are masters in the genre, who understand what you need and why you need it. Most importantly, it means you’ll be getting the peace living and house you want.

So, what are you waiting for?

Reach out to Pineridge Mountain today, check out their amazing community and experience the lifestyle you deserve.

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